Corporate Social Responsibility

From inception, Arams Group has given back to host communities’ social services as:

  • Pipe-borne water supply
  • Scholarships to indigent students and a host of other philanthropic gestures.

Borehole (pipe-borne water supply): Arams Group has sunk a borehole for our host community at Ibeshe

Scholarship Fund: From Inception, well over 10 children have been provided scholarship funding

Sustainability Responsibility

Advancing sustainability has always been a cultural imperative within our company, supported at both an individual and corporate level. The challenge moving forward is to find the opportunities, choose the right initiatives, and to not just push the narrative, but also the reality of sustainability forward. Our priorities as a conglomerate are to minimize the environmental impact of our activities, and to provide educational outreach to advance sustainability for our industry.

Culturally we are hardwired to flex and collaborate. We respond to clients’ needs and vision, and balance those against third-party auditing and certification programs. We carefully survey new and emerging standards to understand their relevance in helping advance sustainability. We don’t chase certifications. We use our standards to support our clients’ goals, objectives and expectations. Most importantly, we are then able to challenge our thinking and broaden our understanding and perspective. By doing this we often go further.

You will see examples in our report where employee initiatives have taken us beyond what is prescribed by our corporate goals and certification guidelines. We have the privilege of working with some of the most innovative companies in the world. Their vision for the future of work combined with our capabilities and knowledge has driven us to make things that set a precedent for a better way forward. We have come far but there is still much work to be done. We look forward to doing that work alongside every employee in this outstanding company.

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